We produce innovative, custom imaging solutions for the military, medical, and manufacturing industries.


Our Beginning

Founded in 2003, as a North American distributor of imaging products, Wilco soon recognized the imaging industry was in need of a custom solutions expert. Many of our customers needed tailored imaging applications to fit their exact needs. Unfortunately none of the big manufacturers we represented were interested in responding to this need. By listening to our customers and hiring industry experts, we were able to quickly deliver the custom solutions our clients needed.


“Listening to our customers is the life blood of our organization.”

— William Corns, CEO


One of Wilco's first projects was to remove the thin piece of glass that covers CCD & CMOS sensors. By investing in technology and skilled technicians we have become one of the industry experts in sensor glass removal. Working directly with sensor manufacturers, our technicians have honed their skills reducing our attrition rate to less than 3%, compared to the industry average of 50%.



Our Mission

Camera and vision technology are being integrated into every part of our life. It is our goal to help our customers stay relevant by solving complex vision problems with innovative and quality custom products. By working together with our customers, utilizing industry resources, and continually investing into our infrastructure, we are reshaping the future of imaging technology.





Design & Engineering


Focused On The Customer




Many of our clients in the robotics and industrial imaging markets have found that compromised signal integrity from their cameras is a serious concern. Routing cables through a robot, around generators or electric drives, and dealing with exceptionally long cable runs led us to develop our ROBO-X line of X-Coded Extreme Flex cable assemblies. These cables negate ambient electrical and environmental feedback that interfere with camera signals. Featuring our X-Coupler, disconnects and replacements are much easier, decreasing downtime and making sure your production line stays running.

ROBO-X Coupler

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