The Baumer QX series 10 GigE cameras feature 8 GB internal image memory and extended functionalities. Process monitoring applications benefit from inspection times increased by a factor of 4 as well as flexible usage of the memory.

With the expansion of the internal image memory from 2 to 8 GB, more images can be stored, which significantly increases the recording time: 2s at a frame rate of 335 fps with 12 MP resolution. Flexible memory management, for example 2 MP resolution in a ROI (Region of Interest) nearly provides more than 4s recording time at a rate of 1000 fps. Two further image buffer modes added to Burst Mode enable even more memory flexibility. According to the application requirements, the image memory can be used for a single writing cycle or continuous overwriting like a ring buffer. Further to image buffering, the image preview function simplifies process monitoring – without an HDMI camera interface.

The QX series cameras utilize a 10 GigE Vision-compliant interface at 1.1 GB/s bandwidth for fast transmission of buffered images and reduced evaluation time. 10 times faster than GigE Vision and 35% faster than Camera Link Full makes them ideal where short sequences require very high frame rates, e.g. process analysis in industrial applications, live cell diagnostics in the medical industry, scientific research or motion analysis in sports.


  • Recording high-speed processes accurately in short image sequences
    • 12 megapixel resolution at 335 fps
  • Flexible adjustment of the recording duration to individual process sequences and application conditions
    • 8 GB internal image storage with dynamic memory management
  • Cost-effective and easy to integrate without additional components such as frame grabbers
    • GigE Vision compliant 10 GigE interface
  • Short transmission and reaction times
    • High bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s: 10 times faster than GigE, 35 percent faster than Camera Link Full
  • Flexible integration in many applications
    • GigE Vision compliant interface with cable lengths of up to 100 meters
    • High compatibility with third party software


The QX cameras can be used irrespective of the industry in process analysis in industrial environments or in applications such as in sports or in scientific research.

  • Industrial production, Example: 3D surface inspection of stamped metal parts
  • Research & Development, Example: particle analysis
  • Sports, Example: Motion Analysis