IRSX Series

Key Points:

  • Stand-alone solution for thermal machine vision
  • Consistently designed for industrial use
  • Easy integration without programming requirements
  • Web-based configuration and visualization
  • Exceptional connectivity with standard interfaces
  • Robust design for maximum reliability (IP67)
  • Apps for various applications available

The IRSX Series Benefits

The IRSX cameras are consistently designed as smart stand-alone devices for thermal machine vision. Once taught for an
inspection task, they will do the full job, communicating directly with your process control. The IRSX cameras can automatically
switch between a multitude of inspection tasks, giving you the flexibility to keep your production line running even with
varying products.

  •  Self-contained thermal imaging devices, designed for industrial environments
  • Fully web-based configuration and result display
  •  High-performance embedded data processor for cutting-edge performance
  •  Comprehensive range of interfaces for communication and control compliant to current standards
  •  Multiple software tools available, e.g. communication libraries and APIs such as REST, GigE Vision, MQTT, OPC-UA
  •  Constantly growing number of application-specific apps
  •  Wide selection of accessories and lenses to deal with different application requirements