Hardware & Software Development: 

Wilco Imaging provides consulting of high quality computer software development, firmware, hardware and support.

Some services we can offer under this pillar:

  • Powerful, reliable, and intuitive windows development
  • Image processing and real time hardware
  • Video Capture, Processing and Analysis, Graphics Display, GUI, DirectX, Direct3D, DirectShow, OpenCV, OpenGL
  • Custom Real Time Image Processing Libraries and SDK’s
  • Microsoft Visual Studio MFC, C, C++, HTML, Win32, OSX, iOS, Android, .NET
  • COM, Direct X, MAPI, ATL, C#, NET, SQL, TCP/IP
  • OEM SDK’s and API’s for Software/Hardware Integration
  • Schematic and PCB Design using Orcad and others, Hardware Design, PCB, and Testing
  • Embedded MicroChip Micro-controller Hardware and Firmware Design

Sample Videos:

Videos Coming Soon

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