Design / Prototypical Services

Utilizing Many Forms of Technology Our Engineers Can Perform Electrical Circuit Design, Mechanical Design, Control Circuits, Lighting Assemblies, and Customer Optics.

Investing into our infrastructure allows us to adhere to our customer’s needs by providing prototypes in as soon as 24 hours. 3D Printing, Machining, & Electrical Circuit Prototyping are just a few of our team’s capabilities.

Some of the design / prototyping we provide:

  • Custom camera housings that will benefit any scenario for your applications
  • Custom audio / video / data cables to any length or size to fit your platform
  • Custom power supplies to ensure it meets voltage and power reqirements
  • Custom lighting to provide the best lighting situations for clear quality images
  • Custom connectors that will communicate to any of your systems or computers

Sample Videos:

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