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$187.55 $300.00
  • 2/3"
  • C-Mount
  • 1 MP
  • 16 mm
  • F1.4
  • Manual Iris
  • Anti-Shock & Vibration Lens
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Product Details
Focal Length16mm
Focal Length Sort Order016
Lens TypeFixed Focal Length
Image Size2/3" (8.8 x 6.6 x 11mm)
Iris Range (F-Stop)F1.4/F4/F8/F16
Angle of View 1/3" (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.)16.4 x 12.3 x 20.4°
Angle of View 1/2" (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.)21.8 x 16.4 x 27.0°
Angle of View 2/3" (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.)30.0 x 22.7 x 37.0°
TV Distortion-0.05%
Minimum Object Focus Distance (1/3") (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.)61.2 x 45.9 x 76.6mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (1/2") (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.)81.8 x 61.2 x 102.5mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (2/3") (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.)112.8 x 84.4 x 141.2mm
Focusing Range0.2m
Flange Back17.526mm in air
Back Focus13.1mm in air
Filter Thread SizeM27x0.5
Front/Rear Effective DiameterFront Φ20.2mm / Rear Φ15.5mm
Exit Pupil Location340mm
Temperature Range-10°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature Range-20°C ~ +60°C
Resolution: Center/CornerCenter 120lp/mm / Corner 100lp/mm
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