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    FA lenses for use with up to 9 mega-pixel resolution and image processing.
    This lens is optimized for a wide range of applications including electronic substrates.

    Manual iris lenses compatible with 1″ format cameras up to 9 megapixels.
    Matching with a wide range of applications, these lenses will exhibit excellent performance in capturing high definition images right from the center to the periphery of the image.
    Since our 9MP lenses maintain high resolution right through to the periphery, the lenses satisfactorily fit to C mount line-scan cameras and sensors up to 16mm long.

    《Principal Use》

    • Visual inspection of printed circuit boards and sheet materials (metal, paper, film)
    • Verifying type on printed matter
    • Inspecting the shape, color, and surface of food and pharmaceuticals for erros
    • Confirming hairline cracks and other surface defects on diameter sheet metals
    • Checking for missing pixels on LCD monitors
    • Visual and foreign substance inspections on everything from precision machined items to containers
    • In capturing precision machining products such as electronic substrates and wafers

    Product Description

    ■High resolution and high contrast at 9 megapixels

    These lenses are compatible with 3.69μm pixel pitch, 1″ format FA cameras with resolution of up to 9 megapixels.
    From the center to the periphery, the lenses have a high resolution of 135 lp/mm.
    Due to minimal degradation of resolution up to the periphery, they produce sharp, high contrast images. Therefore, even images on the periphery are suitable for measurement and inspection applications.

    ■Floating mechanism in it’s focusing system

    The use of a floating mechanism allows the capture of high-resolution, low-distortion images at all ranges, from infinity right down to 80mm, demonstrating maximum performance at any magnification or working distance.

    ■Φ42mm compact design

    To fit in a 44mm housing used for most 9 megapixel cameras, these lenses have a Φ42mm compact design.
    Ideal for installation in high performance equipment, enhancing production line operating efficiency.

    ■Close range at only 80mm from the lens (FL-BC1220-9M, FL-BC1618-9M)

    Minimum working distance is only 80mm and because it can maintain high resolution thanks to it’s focusing system’s floating mechanism, it is superior in terms of image quality for close-up imaging compared to using close-up extension rings.
    Furthermore, it allows for image processing using the high performance of the lens itself, even when inspecting in confined spaces.


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