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October 2018

How Alysium Cables Are Here To Improve Your Vision Application!

The A+ family will be expanding and evolving! A+ CameraLinkHS AOC Assemblies: standard length, Highflex (Torsional/C-Track) version and non-HighFlex versions, 7x12.5G transfer rate! A+ USB3.1 Gen AOC Assemblies: 5 - 50 meters, plug & play, U3V Standard ,  short

Capture at 525 fps in Color/Mono using the new Basler acA720-520um/uc Series!

Wilco is currently taking pre-orders for both cameras! The release date for the Basler acA720-520um/acA720-520uc is end of October.     acA720-520um pictured left. acA720-520uc pictured right.

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