The A+ family will be expanding and evolving!

A+ CameraLinkHS AOC Assemblies: standard length, Highflex (Torsional/C-Track) version and non-HighFlex versions, 7×12.5G transfer rate!

A+ USB3.1 Gen AOC Assemblies: 5 – 50 meters, plug & play, U3V Standard ,  short 90° adapter cables with MicroB and Type C Connectors!

A+ BRJE Assemblies: 1-30 meters, IO Interfaces, design approved by TELEDYNE DALSA!

A+ USB3.1 TypeC: 1-10 meters, improved passive copper cables, industrial usage, biggest headroom and reliability!

Custom Cables To Your Specification

Alysium is able to produce and create custom cables. For those applications, which require specified lengths such as 6.43 meters are no problem. They can handle anything from CameraLink, Rj45, USB3, Circular Connectors (like M12) or even Firewire. They can produce them following your exact specification.

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