The unique concept behind Basler’s dart camera modules with BCON for MIPI interface is to make the reliable standards and features of the machine vision world available for embedded applications with MIPI CSI-2 interfaces as well. The development kit consists of a dart BCON for MIPI camera module, a developer board– equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC – and the accessories needed to instantly operate the kit, such as a lens and cable.

With the installed BSP, the driver package for Linux (Linaro) and the industry-tested pylon Camera Software Suite, you can operate the system directly without further adjustments. The dart BCON for MIPI thus offers the same convenience as any non-embedded camera interface (e.g., USB 3.0, GigE) and supports you with the easy integration of MIPI.

With the dart BCON for MIPI, the image is preprocessed in the Image Signal Processor (ISP) of the host processor. This makes the dart camera module even more efficient and enables lean embedded systems without compromising on the image quality.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Ready to go with pre-installed BSP, driver package for Linux (Linaro) and the industry-tested pylon Camera Software Suite
  • Plug and play operation of dart BCON for MIPI camera modules
  • Suitable for demanding applications thanks to the high-performance Snapdragon SoC
  • Mezzanine Board with switch plan as a sample design
  • All necessary camera accessories included

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